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drygiene Economy Sanitary Napkin

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DryGiene Economy Sanitary Napkin

DryGiene Economy is the basic type and is manufactured in such a manner that it can absorb 100 ml liquid on a breathable surface. Each napkin has a total of seven layers.

  • · Layer 1 has a perfect and smooth cottony surface that ensures perfect comfort.
  • · Layer 2, called the ADL layer (Acquisition and Distribution Layer), assures faster absorption of liquid.
  • · Layer 3 is composed of 360 degree wrapped air laid paper.
  • · Layer 4 is made up of a super absorbent polymer that is meant for maximum absorbency.
  • · Layer 5 is another layer of 360 degree wrapped air laid paper.
  • · Layer 6 forms the leak proof bottom layer.
  • · Layer 7 comprises of release paper with an adhesive to perfectly position the pad during use.

Minimum purchase 6 packets 6 PADS /PACK

Menstrual Hygiene
  • Let us take a quick look at Menstrual Hygiene.
  • In India, nearly 355 million women menstruate. However, it is really unfortunate that only 12% have access to sanitary pads. While this is alarming, poor menstrual hygiene isn’t just restricted to women folks who don’t have access to sanitary napkins. Even those who use sanitary pads have issues in practicing proper menstrual hygiene.
  • Menstrual hygiene has remained an untouched subject among women due to various reasons. We would like to share with you some menstrual hygiene tips to keep in mind during menstruation.
  • Change your sanitary napkins every four hours. Never wear the same pad for over eight hours.
  • Always wear comfortable and clean underwear. Dry the washed undergarments under the sun in order to minimize chance of infections.
  • Never skip a bath during your periods. It is even better to bathe twice a day during these days.
  • Never use two sanitary pads at the same time. Keep your vagina dry and clean by wiping with a soft tissue after using the restroom.
  • Wrap used napkins carefully prior to disposing them in the dustbin.
  • Use an antiseptic hand wash after changing pads.
  • Don’t ever hesitate to talk about your periods. If you come across anyone with poor menstrual hygiene, talk about it.
  • Follow good menstrual hygienic practices and experience happy periods with DryGiene.


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