(1) Note: your payment process under Also Accept Terms And Conditions

        (2)Now visible payment box blow with keracart logo,amount ,order id,Email id And Phone    Number

        (3) Please Click Your payment type eg: Card, Net banking, Wallet ,QR Code

        (4) If you select card enter card number, expire date, CVV and click pay button (pay button show in footer of box             

               payment wait for your bank otp then use otp and finish                

        (5) If you select net banking go to

        (6) If you select Wallet go to

        (7) If you select UPI ( Also Google pay paytm, whatsapp, beam, phone pay ) enter your upi id and click pay          button then open your upi app (eg:gpay, paytm etc ) please accept the amount then finish

       (8) If you select QR Code payment you can see a barcode now, please open your QR Code payment app (G pay, paytm,

             beam etc )in your phone scan the QRcode and pay now.

                                              Razorpay is Keracart payment partner

Razorpay PCI DSS Compliant & Certified solution rest assured your Card and any banking details are safe.

If your card saved ? or Add new card ? ( Razorpay never save your card details without your permission (OTP TO YOUR PHONE)
(Keracart never save your card number or any payment details in our website, keracart never asking your card number ,otp any details )

Emergency Contact: 9020444484

Saving card details on Razorpay is at the discretion of the customer attempting the transaction and is optional. We are PCI DSS complaint, rest assured your details are safe . 

That said, If you wish to remove your card details, you can click on the link "MANAGE YOUR CARDS" received in the Email "Card successfully saved with Razorpay" [OR] click here to edit/delete your saved card/s

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