Fixwell Stainless steels multipurpose knifes

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Fixwell Stainless steels knifes You don't need to invite..

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Fixwell Stainless steels multipurpose knifes

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You don't need to invite that one embarrassing uncle over to your New Year's Eve bash each year (we'll never forget the spaghetti incident of '93), but it can sure make the party more fun. Similarly, you don't need a good slicing or carving knife in your arsenal, but they're nice to have around during the holidays, when those big roasts make their way onto the table. Thinner and longer than a typical chef's knife, these knives are designed for carving and serving large roasts. I tested 10 of the best-rated knives in a few price ranges to come up with my picks.

Keracart Mall
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