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Wayanad Black Pepper 500 GM

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Kerala Premium Wayanad Black Pepper

Seeds and Hands” believes in bringing the hard work of thelocal Indian spice farmers straight to the comfort of your home.

Our Philosophy
We connect you to authentic sources of locally grown spices. We travel andcherrypick farmers who harvest high quality produce

About Us
“Seeds and Hands”, are a team of passionate individuals, determined to discoverLow Pesticide spices from authentic sources in India. Our aim is to be areliable source of healthy local spices by bringing the hard work of farmers, whouse healthier cultivation practices, straight from the farms to the comfort ofyour home. We source our spices from all over India, but are mainly centric toKerala.

About our Wayanad Black pepper
Wayanad Black pepper is our Premium range of Black Pepper. Our farmerspainstakingly cherrypick the extra bold and most ripe peppercorns from the LowPesticide residue farms of ‘The land of Black Gold’, Pulpally. They have amildly spicy flavor and soothing earthy aroma. Our Black pepper has a highcontent of precious essential oils.

Benefits of Black pepper
Black pepper is a rich source of Antioxidants, Minerals & Vitamins and hasa high content of dietary fiber and has a moderate amount of protein andcarbohydrates too. It aids in weight loss, and treats sinus, asthma, and nasalcongestion. They are extensively use in Herbal, Ayurvedic as well as Unanimedicines. Black pepper is used in variety of cuisines, specially for saladdressing, egg dishes, marinades for poultry, sauces and dips, etc.


Brand: Seeds And Hands


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